There’s a lot that you need to worry about while moving to a new place. Gurukrupa ensures packing and moving isn’t one of them. With Gurukrupa Storage & Shifting Solutions, the entire process of shifting becomes a cakewalk. Our professionally-trained Zimmedari Partners pack and move your belongings with utmost care. Known for their friendly and enthusiastic behaviour, our Zimmedari Partners give equal importance to every item that needs to be shifted.

With a large fleet of vehicle at our disposal, transportation is never a problem. After gauging your commodities, we suggest the suitable vehicle where things are not stuffed but neatly and safely kept.

When you’re moving

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Vehicle Relocation

In India, your car is way more than just a mode of transport. It is your identity, your pride and probably one of the most valued possessions. So, it is obvious when you move, your car moves too. But most importantly, safely and securely.

At Gurukrupa Storage & Shifting Solutions, we specialize in vehicle relocation. The process begins with a thorough inspection. Post that, our professionally trained zimmedari partner who’s the most suitable for this job, drives the car to the upliftment point, that is usually outside the city limit. There the car is safely loaded on a car trailer. The same process is repeated when the car trailer reaches the unloading point near the destination city. From there, the car is again driven by our zimmedari partner and delivered at your doorstep.

This process is followed because car-carrying trailers are not allowed within the city.

However, in some special cases, we provide a door-to-door delivery with our single car carrier service.